Asian Detox


The podcast where we reclaim Asian American prosperity.

Join us as we discuss our Asian American identities and how they show up in our day-to-day lives, relationships, and businesses.

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What do you mean by

"Asian American"?

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I don't know if I fit in as Asian American after living here 5 years

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When you meet someone new, do you ask them to download whatsapp or do you text them?

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I text them :)

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I consider you American

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Meet your host:

TJ Wey


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TJ is your #VeryAsian, non-binary, gluten-and-dairy free money habits coach, helping Asian American small business owners escape the hustle culture and build their abundant life.

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Zhi is on track to retire by 40 after over a decade of working in corporate America as an IT Project Manager and following the Asian-Parent Approved path.

While zhi is grateful to zir immigrant parents, TJ recognizes that living in scarcity and hustle culture mindsets can be toxic. That's why zhi wants to inspire others to live their abundant life.

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"Asians love to talk about money" - Alex C.

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The common refrain is that Americans don't talk about money enough in our families, at work, or amongst our friends. The reality is, different for Asians though. Asians talk about money all the time.

Whether it's haggling in Chinatown, giving red evelopes for Lunar New Year, or prioritizing that college education so you can get a well paying job with a stable income, the Asian American story is written around money and how to keep it.

Although this podcast isn't specifically about money, how to become financially independent, or even how to build a business, you can bet that money will come up in conversation.

Instead, you'll hear from a variety of business owners about their businesses, their upbringings, and how it all plays a part in building their abundant life.

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"I didn't realize I was different until first grade" - Mary Grace Gardner

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The Asian Detox Podcast is entirely self-funded, so if you like what you hear and want the podcast to continue, consider buying TJ a boba tea!

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